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But First,- expectations, FAQ's & Response time

I really want us to be on the same page right off the bat! Because of this please read through all of this before you fill out the contact form below so there is no miscommunication…because we all know humans are really good at that! Let’s be upfront, clear, and direct! 

Availability: Dates I am already booked. Look to see if your wedding date is already taken! Even so I can work with you on finding a new date or if one of my associate photographers is available.


  • May 24th- Sedona, Arizona
  • July 11th- Flagstaff, Arizona
  • July 19th- Ada, Ohio
  • August 1st- Minnesota 
  • September 5th- Phoenix, Arizona
  • September 12th- Findlay, Ohio
  • September 19th- Flagstaff, Arizona
  • September 25th- Phoenix, Arizona
  • October 2nd- Flagstaff, Arizona
  • October 24th-Napa Valley, California 
  • October 26th- Phoenix, Arizona
  • October 30th-Chicago, Illinois 
  • October 31st- Findlay, Ohio
  • November 6th- Phoenix, Arizona
  • November 10th- Phoenix, Arizona
  • December 13th- New York City 


  • January 2nd- Sedona, Arizona
  • June 12th- San Diego, California
  • July 4th- Flagstaff, Arizona
  • August 1st- Flagstaff, Arizona
  • September 25th- Flagstaff, Arizona


I do things a little differently than most wedding photographers. 

  • My photography style is lifestyle/editorial! I’m looking for those magic moments of your grandmother crying as you walk down the isle, your wild uncle on the dance floor, and those sweet moments that happen between you two. I love am a natural light photographer which means the SUN is my main source of inspiration and lighting. I will only bring flash out during the reception when the sun goes down! You can count on all your photos looking crisp, bright, natural, and full of color! 
  • I’m looking to not only be your photographer but also your friend!! I will dance with you at your reception, I will cry during your ceremony, and I will keep up with you well after your wedding day. 
  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY is highly important to me!! If you are looking for thousands of images I am not your girl. I am trained to look for moments and document what is happening not creating fake moments. I will deliver 70-100 images per hour on a wedding day.  


Cause I know you got them!! Who doesn’t have questions when you are spending good hard earned money on art?? 

I got you covered- a WHOLE PAGE FULL OF FAQ’S

For weddings, couples, and families- I’ll answer your questions so there is no miscommunication.

Response Time:

I believe in a work life balance. That work should not run our lives and we should not constantly be tied to our phones. I do not only run a business but also am a person who has a multiple bookclubs, practices yoga, and gives quality time to my Flagstaff family. I also travel often for work and play! I am a bit slower at responding to emails while traveling but will let you know so you are not left hanging! 


I will respond to emails Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm. Expect me to get back with your first inquiry within 2-3 days depending on weddings, shoots, and travel days! Your girl must sleep and disconnect!! 

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Let’s make some magic. I want to document the most beautiful moments in your life whether be a wedding, your season of life as a family, or your brand. TELL ME ALL about yourself and what you are looking for below!